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Experience the pinnacle of aesthetic excellence at Mara's Med Spa, Dallas, TX's prime destination for transformative beauty. We boast a gifted ensemble of medical aestheticians, laser virtuosos, and massage therapists, each meticulously trained to turn back the hands of time and sculpt your natural allure. From Dallas to surrounding cities, our mantra remains: 'Look, Feel, Be Sexy' - a promise we infuse into every touch, every treatment. Our dynamic team of adept medical aestheticians, laser experts, and massage therapists harmonize their diverse talents to curate refined, show-stopping results for our esteemed clientele, encompassing both males and females.

Authorized and proficient in our high-tech arsenal, including Morpheus8™, CoolSculpting®, HydraFacial®, Z Wave Sound Wave Therapy, GAINSWave®, and beyond, our aesthetic virtuosos orchestrate an unparalleled symphony of beauty enhancements. Led by the visionary Brazilian, Mara Pinney, our team weaves the lush tapestry of first-class Brazilian aesthetic disciplines with innovative treatments and technologies.

We pride ourselves on building impactful, individualized connections that allow us to fully comprehend your aspirations and concerns. These bonds guide us in crafting a tailored, results-oriented treatment plan that puts your desires in the spotlight. Our specialists revel in the meaningful relationships fostered over the years. Each bond, a testament to our dedication and commitment to transforming the beauty journey into a memorable experience that transcends the ordinary. Join us, and let's shape the new era of your radiant self together.


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Mara Pinney

Owner & Medical Esthetician

Imbuing Dallas with the vibrant pulse of Brazilian beauty since 2017, Mara Pinney spearheaded the city's first Brazilian-infused Med Spa, defining a new era of aesthetic excellence. Her trailblazing approach marries the time-honored traditions of Brazilian beauty disciplines with pioneering scientific methodologies and avant-garde technologies, orchestrating an unparalleled harmony of results.

Mara's signature 'Triad of Treatment' paints the distinctive allure of Mara's Med Spa. This unique blend ensures every service is professionally customized, delivering dramatic transformations that linger not just on your skin, but also in your memories. The Mara's Med Spa experience, curated by Mara herself, encapsulates the essence of aesthetic innovation and the vibrant spirit of Brazilian beauty – a potent blend that has etched Mara's name as a visionary in the Dallas Med Spa landscape.

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Director of Spa & Business Development

Radiating a passion for skin care and armed with over 13 years of seasoned expertise, Kat graced Mara’s Med Spa with her dynamic presence, bringing a unique blend of beauty intellect and business acumen. A Licensed Medical Esthetician, Kat's diverse journey through the realm of the medical spa and beauty industries has sharpened both her aesthetic prowess and entrepreneurial insight.

As the maestro of Spa & Business Development, Kat orchestrates a symphony of excellence, overseeing all spa operations with a meticulous eye. Her vision drives business development, propelling the spa's expansion with a potent blend of strategy and creativity. Kat's leadership not only maintains the spa's aesthetic harmony but also crafts a forward-looking narrative, paving the path for Mara’s Med Spa's continued evolution and growth.


Project Manager

Bringing a vibrant blend of customer service expertise and fresh academic knowledge, Kaitlynn anchors Mara’s Med Spa's Project Management realm. With 3 years of forging impactful connections, her dedication previously shone at our front desk and now fuels her robust role in managing projects within the Med Spa.

A recent college alumnus, Kaitlynn's professional and personal growth is steeped in the inspiration drawn from Mara. This enriching synergy has nurtured her into an emerging leader in aesthetics. Balancing youthful vigor and seasoned insight, Kaitlynn’s presence at Mara's Med Spa reaffirms our commitment to fostering industry leaders while maintaining our high standard of customer service.

Master Aesthetician and Injector R.M.A, C.L.P

Commanding an impressive 3-year tenure at Mara's Med Spa, Raquel is our mastermind of medical aesthetics. A pioneer in neurotoxins, dermal fillers, facial symmetry, and resurfacing, she masterfully curates treatments that are nothing short of works of art.

Each day, Raquel's mission is to inject confidence and foster a sense of empowerment in her patients, helping them feel their absolute best in their own skin. A fervent scholar in her field, Raquel perpetually dives into new knowledge, exploring innovative techniques to elevate her craft, thus embodying Mara's Med Spa's commitment to continuous growth and perfection.

Medical Esthetician, Laser Tech & Injector

Sarah joined the Mara's Med Spa family in 2018, bearing a rich 7-year legacy in the aesthetics industry. Today, she is a respected authority in skincare, lasers, and cosmetic injectables, adorning the titles of Lead Aesthetician, Senior Laser Technician, and Certified Cosmetic Injector with grace and expertise.

With her extensive knowledge and a steadfast commitment to patient care, Sarah embodies the essence of a Master Aesthetician. She thrives on guiding patients towards their skincare dreams, always staying at the forefront of the latest technologies and techniques. Sarah's journey at Mara's Med Spa reflects our commitment to excellence, patient care, and continual learning in the ever-evolving world of aesthetics.

Certified Cosmetic Injector & Certified Laser Technician

Since 2018, Lauren has been a treasured member of Mara’s Med Spa, dedicating countless hours to mastering the art of aesthetics through advanced anatomy studies and specialized training. Kind-hearted, meticulous, and a perfectionist at heart, these qualities shine through every moment you spend in Lauren's care.

Her expertise spans a broad beauty spectrum, including PRP hair restoration, exosome therapy, neuromodulators, dermal fillers, and microneedling. As a certified Laser Technician, Lauren's skill set offers an encompassing approach to beauty. Currently undertaking her nurse practitioner degree, she places continual learning at the heart of her practice, keeping her finger on the pulse of the latest patient safety techniques. Lauren embodies Mara's Med Spa's commitment to providing expert, personalized care, grounded in the latest research and practices."

Medical Esthetician & Body Contouring Apprentice

Emily arrived at Mara’s Med Spa after honing her managerial skills in the beauty industry for 6 years. Her transformative journey ignited a profound passion to become a Medical Esthetician, crafting exceptional and results-driven experiences for our cherished patients. Armed with a deep understanding of skincare and custom provider techniques, Emily endeavors to empower each individual, fostering confidence in their own unique skin.

Under the guidance of Mara herself, Emily is now immersing herself in the art of body sculpting through the transformative power of CoolSculpting. With an unwavering commitment to learning and growing, Emily epitomizes the spirit of Mara's Med Spa, where expertise meets innovation to help individuals embrace their most confident and radiant selves.

Medical Spa Coordinator

Ryan graced Mara’s Med Spa armed with a wealth of customer service expertise cultivated over several years. As our esteemed Medical Spa Coordinator, he has become a beloved figure among our patients, renowned for his unwavering commitment to delivering unparalleled experiences.

Ryan takes immense pride in surpassing expectations, consistently going above and beyond to ensure each patient encounter exceeds even the loftiest standards. Building genuine and personal connections with our patients is his specialty, as he understands the importance of fostering relationships based on trust and care.

With a passion for creating a warm and enjoyable atmosphere, Ryan cherishes his role in a team devoted to cultivating a space where patients feel truly welcome and at ease. At Mara’s Med Spa, his dedication helps to shape an environment that patients adore, where beauty meets an unparalleled sense of joy and comfort.

Licensed Massage Therapist

Marcy, our esteemed Licensed Massage Therapist, embarked on her massage journey at a tender age, inspired by the wisdom passed down from her grandmother and mother. With over 10 years of dedicated practice, Marcy has cultivated a diverse skill set, mastering a multitude of styles and techniques. This comprehensive expertise enables her to deliver a truly distinctive and tailored approach, where the anatomy of muscles takes center stage, facilitating a profoundly relaxing yet impactful experience.

In Marcy's capable hands, every patient receives the utmost care and attention they deserve. She understands the significance of considering each individual as uniquely important, ensuring that their treatment is crafted with meticulous consideration. With her unwavering dedication to her craft and genuine care for her patients, Marcy's touch creates a transcendent journey of healing and rejuvenation.

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